Covid-19 Update from President Woodbury


I continue to commend you all on the professional work that you are providing Islanders during the Covid – 19 pandemic.

The union has been receiving calls from our members regarding, potential exposures to Covid -19, while on duty and not on a actual emergency call, as actual calls have a screening tool with in our EPCR for our members to use.

I can not stress enough, if for any reason, you feel at work, that you potentially have been exposed to any hazard, including Covid – 19, that could potentially cause you harm, that you immediately report it to your on call supervisor.

This practice has been CUPE’s position for quite sometime, and will continue long after we beat this global pandemic.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your Area rep.

Stay safe, Keep up the great work and Thank -you!


Jason Woodbury,