UPDATE from President Woodbury


Greetings members,

As I am sure you all know, The Local has been in contact with the employer on a regular basis to address your labour concerns. Keep asking your area reps so they can funneling your questions to me.

Here are some concerns that we have addressed today:

If you are travelling OOP on work related business “IE: off Island transfers”because there was a State of Health Emergency called by the Premier on March 16th we are exempted from self isolation on return. Please use all precautions when travelling though.

Finally, I have asked the employer to revisit the “drive thru” policy, during these times. I have confirmation that that is being looked at tomorrow.

I can’t tell you all enough, on proud your executive is of our members, as we continue to provide high quality health care to Islanders in unprecedented terms. Keep up the great work!!

In Solidarity,

Jason Woodbury