Message From President Woodbury


I do the same work as you all do 4 days a week. You all are doing a fantastic job during these uncertain times. As your President, I am in continuous communication with management, especially during the pandemic.

I want to be clear, as some members feel that we should be receiving danger pay for what we are doing, as we deal with this pandemic. I ask the following questions:

Does a police officer request danger pay for responding to a “armed robbery”?

Does a firefighter request danger pay for going in a “burning” building?

Why should Paramedics?

We are trained to deal with sick / injured humans. That can range from a chronic illness, developed illness, mechanism injury or like today, a viral illness.

If anyone of our members feel unsafe, I encourage you to “refuse unsafe work” I will say, that refusing the work for a patient with a virus may not fly well with a arbitrator”

Reason “our role is to care for the sick” we are paramedics, “a part of the healthcare system”

In Solidarity,

Jason Woodbury,