Message from President Woodbury



I know that you all have questions and concerns as information on the COVID – 19 pandemic evolves. I would ask from here on forward that you funnel your questions through your Area Reps to get to myself.

As you probably imagine, my phone has been extremely busy. I have been receiving so many txt messages and I am afraid that I will miss some of your questions or concerns. So I have asked the Area reps to e mail me your questions to address to the employer.

I need to focus on working with senior management to make sure that policies and procedures are with in the interest of our members. Below are the numbers of your Area reps for you respective bases. Casuals feel free to contact anyone of the below:

Alberton / O’ Leary: Dan MacDonald


Summerside. Jed Burt


Charlottetown: Annie MacPhee


Montague / Souris: Alice Rice


I want to ensure you, your union is on top of this!


Jason Woodbury