*****MMHU Update*****

Greetings Members,
I wish I could tell you exactly what our role will be in the MMHU program announced by Government on March 11th. I can say, that both PEINU and UPSE Presidents have been working along myself to get those answers.
We have had a few meetings over the past week, jointly and with Government to get as much information as possible, to bring to our members. I describe it as “peeling layers of onion” something new each meeting.
I have informed the Deputy Minister that ” we feel that this program is going to be beneficial to Islanders and that’s not debatable” and that “our members are highly skilled professionals that are capable of doing the work.” However, programs like these, we should not have learn from the media and feel that we need to be consulted as frontline workers, so the program can be successful. “it is about respect”
Today, we received the so called model ” attached” still with no real clear descriptions on how our members will be involved. So, I am asking the membership to review this and e mail me with your questions, so I can address them with Government. “ASAP” as things are moving quickly it seems on the Government end.
My e mail is jason.woodbury@eastlink.ca please I ask, you use only this method, as I will not be responding to no other methods especially, Facebook.
You can also, talk to your Area rep as well to highlight your concerns and they can forward them to myself to address.
As always, as information comes in I will keep you all posted!
In solidarity,
Jason Woodbury

Update Annual Meeting Motions from President Woodbury

Greetings all,
As requested at our Annual Meeting The local would meet with the employer to entertain 2 ideas to assist to fill trucks. Both I and Annie MacPhee met with the employer on 2 occasions to discuss the following ideas:
  1. To pay casual members premium pay ( 1 1/2 ) per hour when they work on a Statutory holiday.
  2. Pay double time for full time members after the employer exhausts all efforts to fill a shift as per the collective agreement. ” until the pandemic is over”
Unfortunately, the employer is not willing to entertain these ideas at this time.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to myself or your Area Rep. Have a great weekend!
In Solidarity,
Jason Woodbury

Covid Vaccine update from President Woodbury

Greetings et’al,
Since before the Holiday’s, the local has been working with the employer to compensate our members to get the COVID 19 vaccination.
Today, I spoke to the employer and they have agreed to pay our members mileage to receive the vaccine. This benefit, is also retroactive for members that have already received it.
To claim this benefit, simply fill out a expense form with the date you received the vaccination along with the kilometers and submit it to your direct supervisor for payment.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to myself or your area rep.
In Solidarity,
Jason Woodbury